Relation d'aide Amiens

Going through a rough patch at home or a tricky situation at work?   Been abused or struggling with life-controlling issues?  Feeling lost, alone, empty?  Need someone to talk to?  Then counseling might be helpful in starting a new chapter in your life…

What is counseling?

Counseling is a type of therapeutic relationship centered on the client, your growth, maturity and capacity to cope with life. By taking into account the three basic human dimensions (biological, spiritual and psychological), counseling taps into your hidden internal strengths so that you can move forward towards greater well-being.

Counseling provides a better understanding of yourself and others, while also helping to improve all your relationships.  By taking time out to learn, think and (re)discover yourself, it is possible to find healing, learn to make the right choices for you and grow into the person you were meant to be, and love yourself and life again!

How does it work?

We offer you a welcoming, confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere where you can freely share what’s on your mind.  Together we’ll work back to the root cause of your issues, allowing us to understand your needs and relationships, and how you function as a person.  Then, by exploring and applying new life-coping skills, you will be better equipped to overcome your difficulties in a sustainable way.

Jane Brothwell

I am a qualified trainer and counselor, with an MA in Counseling (Institut des Sciences Humaines de Collonges-sous-Salève) and a Post-graduate diploma in « Violence against Women » (Université de Paris 8).  I am also a certified member of the Association of Christian Counselors in France  (

Trained in Rogerian counseling, I also use different therapeutic tools from Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as systemic/family therapy so as to offer the most adapted help to each individual.  I also have several years’ experience bringing freedom and hope to victims of abuse.

I work under the professional ethical codes of conduct of mental health workers in France and according to the framework of ACC-France.